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I'm Mike Yukhtenko, Product Designer and User Experience Researcher. Currently based in Moscow, RU.

My mission is to help companies look deep into the future, turn the ideas into real products, which help thousands of people all over the world to solve their everyday problems, like shopping, entertainment, and healthcare.

I had the privilege of working for such giants as Emirates Airlines, Asus, ASNA and other globally recognized companies.

Former Art Director at JuJu Media, a design studio based in Great Britain and the designer at VR studio JuJu Immersive.

Founder and lead of Faculty of Design at Desbook, a school of visual arts.

Specialising in digital product design and user experience researching, I’m committed to using my experience in every project I’m a part of.

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Here you’ll find my personal undertakings, as well as projects I was involved in at different stages of my career.