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Moscow — May 2016

Mike Yukhtenko is a Russian Commercial Designer, Creative Director, Founder and lead of Design Faculty at Desbook School of Visual Arts. Art Director at JuJu Media, a design studio based in Great Britain. Lead Designer at VR studio JuJuIMSV. Originally from Pyatigorsk, Mike is now living and working in Moscow.

Mike started his career in a slightly different way than most designers. After graduating from high school, he was determined to build a meteoric career in software development. However, a few years into university, he realized that software development was not something he wanted to dedicate his time and effort to. At a young age of 19, Mike started to learn design all by himself. Years of hard work, sleepless nights and countless deadlines have finally paid off. Today, Mike Yukhtenko is a Commercial Designer, Creative Director, Design Researcher, and Entrepreneur.

Both independently and teamed up with other specialists, Mike was privileged to create a wide range of products and services for major regional players and global brands. His extensive portfolio includes projects for Asus, Armani/Casa, Nokia, Intel, and other globally recognized companies.

Mike’s outstanding work has been distinguished both in Russia and abroad. For example, the PROvita journal won a “Golden Mortar” international award in the category “Best Industry-Specific Title.” Mike worked on the journal design for 2 years.

As art director, Mike was involved in development and launch of the entire lineup of Asus Zenfone 3 smartphones in the Russian market. Currently, Zenfone is one the top popular smartphones in Russia. With smooth teamwork of skilled experts, sales of the 3rd-generation lineup lived up to all expectations.

НFor over a year now, Mikhail has been developing new products and services for MusicHub, a London-based startup. The project has hit the mark of 150,000 regular listeners.

Restless and aspiring, Mike never stops to expand his skills and look for new challenges, including Virtual and Augmented Reality projects, development and design of iOS and Android apps, and game design.

Plus, Mike Yukhtenko is Founder and lead of Faculty of Design at Desbook School of Visual Arts. Since its launch, the course has been popular among both beginning designers and seasoned specialists.

Alongside his main job, Mikhail develops training programs for both novice and advanced designers. As an educator, Mikhail is particularly interested in software utilities and tools, designer’s worldview and principles, and applied disciplines (arts law, customer relations, project management).

My Photo Stock
When travelling the globe or working on new projects, I take plenty of photos. The very best of them make it to my gallery. Feel free to use them in your projects in any way you like!
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My Creative Process
Each new project is a unique, non-standard task that needs a customized solution. At the same time, you can manage and control the solution development process in order to deliver the desired outcome.
  • Research
  • Audit
  • Strategy
  • Planning
  • Idea
  • Prototype
  • UX
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Measurements
  • Report
How can I enhance your brand?
Virtual reality
Concept design and management of virtual tour development for architecture bureaus, advertising agencies, manufacturing and selling companies.
Mobile apps
Full-service app design (iOS, Android): from original concept to finished product.
Web apps
Extensive experience in creating design for web apps, company and bank websites, and online stores.
Visual images for both established and young brands.
Advertising concepts and ideas to promote your brand both on social and in traditional media.
Packaging design for product lineups.
Printing products
Makeup and design of serial titles, design of printing products.