2016 UX/UI
Web Design
Creative Direction


Creative director

About VPNLux

Operating since 2010, VPNLUX is an Estonian company that provides Internet security services and has thousands of happy clients. In 2016, the company decided to carry out a global rebranding. I was invited to craft a new visual identity for the business as its Creative Director.


Multiple features
at your fingertips

My task was to create a highly functional website design to allow VPNLux clients to manage their VPN connections, access information on their internet security, and anonymously contact customer support.

Bringing VPN technology
to the masses

Widely used and praised by professionals, VPN technology is still a new thing for common Internet users. With a variety of animations and other visuals, we explain VPN technology to our potential customers and answer all questions they may have.

Furthermore, our clients can enjoy a stylish, intuitive personal account to monitor their connections.

Less is more

Nowadays, internet users value mobility above everything else. Committed to taking good care of smartphone and tablet users, we offer a mobile version of our website that is both functional and easy-to-use.