The future of Internet security


About the company

Operating since 2010, VPNLUX is an Estonian company that provides Internet security services and has thousands of happy clients. In 2016, the company decided to carry out a global rebranding. I was invited to craft a new visual identity for the business as its Creative Director.

VPNLUX mostly specialises in providing paid access to VPN technology.

VPN technology is widely used by businesses to provide secure access to corporate files for remote employees and ensure protected communication.

VPN benefits
Personal data protection .
With incoming and outgoing traffic securely encrypted, the Internet provider is unable to access the user’s web history and information. Plus, when you’re using public WiFi or mobile devices, your information is protected from violators.

Enhanced protection against attacks .
Securely configured, VPN firewall is a reliable protection against external threats.

Stay anonymous online .
Website owners are unable to see (and therefore locate) your IP address.

Change your IP address . 
Sometimes users need to change their IP address to access content unavailable in certain regions (online gambling, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Pandora, etc.), among other purposes.

Bypass filters and unblock apps/content.
VPN is an ideal solution to bypass internet censorship in certain countries or corporate network filters.

Both new logo and corporate style convey the company’s flawless reputation
and high quality of its
Internet security services.

Corporate colors

The corporate colour palette features silver and black, accentuated with two additional hues.

The colour scheme is used in promotional products and on the company website.

Promo video

To introduce VPN technology to potential clients, we made an entertaining video that highlights the multiple advantages of VPN.


Part 2: VPNLux website

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