Currency Widget

Designed as a part of my own project, this widget for YotaPhone is a full-screen currency trading tool. Below, I’ll demonstrate how it works using a GBP/RUB currency pair.



Wolf of Wall Street in sheep’s clothing.

Visual simplicity hides the fierce nature of a Wall Street predator. With a wide array of in-built features, you can easily manage your currency portfolio and track profits and losses for each currency pair.

You no longer need to calculate your profits and losses. All key information is now your screen*.

Current news

We keep you updated on the markets you’re trading.

Real-time rate

Update exchange rates any time to see how your account is doing.

* Tips are based on the data previously submitted by the user. Otherwise, the widget uses a standard scheme according to which your losses must not exceed 2% of your invested amount. Buy tips are generated when the price is nearing a 3-months’ low.


Manage your currencies

Intuitive report
on your investments