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Case No.1

META FOR WORK. Reimagine the way you work
Client: Meta
Year: 2022-2023
Field: Product Design
Bring businesses to life with virtual reality headsets and immersive experiences from Meta, supported by security and privacy features companies can trust.

Case No.2

FEAR NOTHING BLOOD TESTS. A modern way to do a health check-up at the comfort of your home.
Client: Numan
Year: 2021
Field: Product Design
At Numan our goal is to help our patients live a better and healthier life. And the diagnostic plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. The better and the earlier we can diagnose health issues the better will be a treatment plan. Sometimes we are so scared to know the truth that we delay the moment until it's too late. By launching new Fear Nothing Blood Tests we helped people to face their fears bravely and start living a healthier life.

Case No.3

CROSS SELLING AT NUMAN The power of recommendations for user convenience and business growth.
Client: Numan
Year: Q1 2021
Field: Product design
At Numan our customers often start interacting with our website directly from the self-assessment flow for the specific treatment and don't have a chance to explore what Numan can do for them in addition to that. I designed series of features that helped customers to build more effective treatment plan for themselves.                        

Case No.4

MY EMIRATES PASS Unforgettable experience of Dubai with all the benefits of Emirates Airlines in the pocket.
Client: Emirates Airlines
Year: 2019
Field: App Design
Link: Launch Screen animation
Link: Map animation
Emirates is a leading airline company in the world, that offers his clients the high-standards service not only in the sky but also on the ground. Trying to restart their unique loyalty program called "My Emirates Pass" company invited me to create the new iOS App.                        

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Case No.5

PARTICLES OF LOVE IS IN THE AIR, BANKSY Own, collect, and experience art masterpieces through blockchain and NFTs.
Client: Particle Collection
Year: 2021/2022
Field: Motion Design, Art Direction
Collecting art has historically been a privilege of the select few. The elite collector community has traditionally shaped the course of the art market and art history. Now, blockchain has created an opportunity for a game-changing paradigm shift. This shift will allow for the decentralization of traditional practices of art collecting, ownership, and enjoyment.                        

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Case No.6

ASNA. A platform that allows customers to find, compare and buy medicines in more than 8,500 pharmacies across Russia.
Client: ASNA
Year: 2018
Field: Product Design
Link: Watch video
For ASNA, I designed a modern, coherent user experience that allowed the company to make a big step towards its mission, bring customers useful tools for finding, comparing and buying medicine they need. No matter where they live.
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Case No.7

JUJU IMMERSIVE. A visual brand language from scratch and research on VR interfaces.
Year: 2017
Field: Art Direction, Design, Illustrations
As a part of the development team, I did research on user interface design for Oculus RIft 2, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, and Google Cardboard. The research findings allowed us to create enhanced virtual tours tailored to the needs of real estate developers.
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